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Cinematic Custom Trailers For Your Book

We know how to use the power of video to grab reader attention and boost book sales. Our trailers are designed to blend seamlessly into your book promotion campaigns and ensure your book gets the spotlight it deserves.

Starting at just $499, our pricing structure accommodates a variety of budgets, allowing authors from all walks of life to take advantage of our 15+ years of industry experience. We'll work hand-in-hand with you to develop a trailer package that is not only budget-friendly but also customized to match your specific promotional goals.

Even after the trailer is complete, we're committed to supporting our clients. Each trailer package automatically includes two free upgrades (good for one year!) to help keep your book trailer fresh and relevant. Additionally, all Book Candy trailers come with block protection, meaning we'll work with you to adjust your trailer if it ever gets flagged or blocked by social media.

Click the examples below to see why our trailers make readers say "WOW"!

Our turn-around time is typically 2-3 weeks from the start of production. We'll coordinate our production calendar based on your release schedule. Placing your order will reserve your requested start date.  

To kick off the project, we'll schedule a 30-45 minute call to discuss your book. We'll also request some basic information, including: the hi-res book cover, book blurb or synopsis, physical character descriptions, setting details, and 1-2 review quotes.  

Don't worry about providing footage or music, as our talented design team will select the perfect elements for your trailer. Once the first draft is complete, we'll send you a link to your private viewing studio, where you can watch the trailer and email us your feedback. Our editing process is flexible and collaborative, and we do not charge per edit round.   

Contact us today for a custom trailer package that fits your budget and unleash your book's full potential with the power of video!

Collaborative Production Process

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