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Our Mission

Here at Book Candy Studios, we help authors get noticed. Our expert designers harness the power of video to cut through the noise in today's competitive marketplace and get your work the recognition it deserves!

Our Story

Book Candy Studios, founded in 2007 by Todd Dombrowski, is a book promotion company specializing in video. With over 17 years of experience and a team of talented designers, our services include professional book trailers and comprehensive video ad campaign packages designed to elevate your book's presence in the market.

Over the years, we've collaborated with countless major publishers, such as Kensington, William Morrow, Harper Collins, Tor Teen, St. Martin's Press, Post Hill Press, and Permuted Press. Our expertise spans both fiction and non-fiction genres.

Drawing from our real-world experience, we assist authors in sparking fresh ideas, facilitating a creative, enjoyable, and collaborative journey in design. Don't just take our word for it—Click here to read the success stories of authors who trusted Book Candy Studios with their books.

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First and foremost - no hidden fees! Our packages are flat-rate and include everything you need to promote your book. We never have and never will nickel-and-dime our clients.

​Our take on book promotion is simple: you have to get your book noticed before you can build your audience or boost sales. Our promotion campaigns use the power of video to grab reader attention and make your book stand out.

Contact us today and discover how Book Candy Studios can help your book stand out in today's crowded marketplace. We believe every book has an audience, so let us help you find yours!

Our Promise To You

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