Why Book Candy Trailers?

Book Candy Trailers come with multiple formats for social media and mobile, including: Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter.

Multiple Formats

We include everything:

video footage, royalty-free music, and script/tagline.

No Hidden Fees

Did you change your covers, title, or review quotes? Update your book trailer at no extra charge.

Two Free Upgrades

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Book Candy Lite

Price: $399

Budget Friendly, Professional Quality

1 Trailer, 1 Format

Runtime: 10-15sec

Two Script Styles:

Tagline and Review Quotes

Use for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon

Book Candy Complete

Price: $999

Everything for Social Media & Mobile

1 Trailer, 5 Formats

Runtimes: 10-15sec, 25-30sec

Two Script Styles:

Tagline and Review Quotes

Use for YouTube, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, and Mobile

Book Candy Basics

Price: $750

Ideal for Video Ads and A/B Testing

1 Trailer, 3 Formats

Runtimes: 10-15sec, 25-30sec

Two Script Styles:

Tagline and Review Quotes

Use for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Amazon

It's easy to get started: choose a package below, or contact us to discuss your project!

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Book Candy Trailer Examples





"Book Candy Studios are top notch professionals and my trailer reflects that. It's simply stunning."

Lynn Raye Harris | New York Times Bestselling Author

"I cracked the Amazon US Top 200 for the first time using video ads based on the incredible trailer Book Candy Studios created."

Siobhan Davis | USA Today Bestselling Author

"You guys just 'get it'. Working with Book Candy Studios is effortless and painless."

James Rollins | New York Times Bestselling Author

I hired Book Candy Studios to create a trailer for my series. By mid-October my Book Candy trailer was complete, and I started doing ads to build video views, mostly on Instagram with a really wide target audience (1-2M). The idea was to use the video views as a warm market and then re-target that audience with a static ad. But I never did a static ad because the video alone was selling books. [Read full article here.]

Jillian Dodd | USA Today Bestselling Author

"Trailers aren't just for fun. When combined with the power of video ads, they're an essential sales tool."

A Personal Account from Jillian Dodd

Frequently Asked Questions

Book trailers aren't just for fun. Paired with video ads, book trailers become an essential sales tool to drive book sales and grab reader attention on social media and mobile.

Why Do I Need A Book Trailer?

25-30sec book trailers are better for branding and building excitement, while 10-15sec book trailers are ideal for video ads and reaching new readers. We also have formats optimized for mobile screens.

Why Multiple Book Trailer Formats? 

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Using a homemade trailer to promote your books can turn away potential readers and hurt your book sales.

Professional Book Trailers vs Do-It-Yourself?

No. Instead, we’ll work with you to explore different concepts and find the right creative approach for the book trailer that fits both your author brand and book promotion campaign.  

Do You Charge For Editing or Revisions? 

We Can Help ;-)

More Questions?

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