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The Man With Two Names by Vincent B. Davis II
The Noise of War by Vincent B. Davis II
Whom Gods Destroy by Vincent B. Davis II
Bodies in the Tiber by Vincent B. Davis II

"Is it better to be a bad man and accomplish great things, or be a great man and accomplish nothing?"

Quintus Sertorius has spent the first 20 years of his life training horses on his family farm, but this must end when his father dies and his village's political connections to Rome are severed. For the sake of his family, Quintus must leave his village for the Eternal City.

If he succeeds, his people will be fed. If he fails, his people will starve.

Author Vincent B. Davis II is an author, entrepreneur, and soldier. He is a graduate of East Tennessee State University, and has served in the United States Army since 2014.

He's the author of five books, three of which have become international bestsellers.

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The Sertorius Scrolls:

“Gripping and graphic…” 

~Publishers Weekly

“Epic battle scenes, and a moral message of bravery, leadership, and duty. ”

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