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Book Candy Advertising

It's simple. If readers never see your book, they can't buy it!

Book Candy Advertising helps authors with today’s key book promotion challenge: expanding your author brand and reaching new readers.

Why Book Candy Advertising?

Make Your Book Stand Out

If you're tired of your books getting drowned out by all the noise, restrictions, and trolling on social media, consider a new approach for marketing your books.

Expand Your Author Brand

Book Candy Advertising is designed to extend your reach beyond social media. You want to reach readers consuming book-related content on their computers, mobile devices, or even watching YouTube on their TVs!

Reach Readers Anywhere

Use the power of video marketing on YouTube with the broad reach of the Google Display Network to market your books to potential readers.

Pile Of Books

Let's face it. Books are entertainment products, promote them like one!

We can also expand your campaign to include leading entertainment and publishing sites: Publishers Weekly, Goodreads, Entertainment Weekly, Writer's Digest, The New York Times and more!

We Take Care of Everything

Video Ad Creation

Our Book Candy trailers are specifically optimized for video ads and mobile. After the initial kick-off call, we'll create an eye-catching teaser trailer for your book. 

Analytics Performance Dashboard

Track the progress of your campaign via a personalized dashboard, structured around three key points: geographic location, audience demographics, and device/platforms.

Campaign Optimization

Our Google and YouTube video ad experts will optimize your ongoing campaign, adjusting audience targeting, cost-per-view bids, and ad copy as needed for the best results.


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